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How to Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall

Fall Makeup Look

Time to put away those coral lipsticks and hang up your espadrilles – the season of sweater tights and chunky boots is finally here. (Yesss!)

With a little bit of prep, you can make the switch from bronzer to luminous blush look as effortless as a beach vacation.

Here are our best tips for taking your makeup bag from summer to fall:

Skin: Luxe and Luminous

While the sun is hot, it’s easy to get away with barely-there makeup. But once the leaves start to turn, your skin needs a little more TLC.

Master your base with a hydrating facial cleanser or mist that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, suggests makeup artist Amber Dreadon.

“Using a hydrating spray that attracts moisture to the skin before moisturiser is…a must and is always so refreshing for my client,” Dreadon told Coveteur.

Once you’re cleansed, lock in your fresh fall face with a serum that will amp up the effects of your favorite moisturizer.

“Serums can be chock-full of moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, ceramides) to help skin retain moisture,” explains Michaela Waites at Into the Gloss.

“But, that doesn’t make them moisturizers in the traditional sense. Face lotions and creams are richer and create a barrier on top of the skin to keep all that good stuff in.”

And in the fall, you’ll need to step up your moisturizer game big time – even if you’re using a serum.

“It’s time to swap in a thicker moisturizer that your skin can drink up to get a much-needed dose of hydration,” suggests Erin Lukas at InStyle.

Look for moisture-rich day creams with a light SPF to keep the last rays of a golden fall sun from causing damage.

Cheeks: Make ‘Em Pop

In summer, it’s easy to forget about blush. Why cake it on, when you can dust bronzer across your cheekbones and sail out the door?

Now that fall’s upon us, it’s time to give your cheeks a little more definition, says Alyssa Clough at InStyle.

“Prolong your summer glow with a warmer peach shade, opt for a rosy hue for that just-pinched look, or go full-on fall with a muted, deep tone,” writes Clough.

Another strategy? Try a neutral blush – like coral or rose – so this fall’s vampy lips can take center stage.

Brows: The Perfect Frame

Now that colder weather is here, it’s okay to embrace a little bit of drama. Define your face with a darker, bolder brow.

“Groomed, dark brows are the easiest way to frame your eyes and dress up your face,” makeup artist Kira Nasrat told InStyle.

Nasrat suggests adding a brow pencil with a smooth, wax-to-powder formula to your makeup bag for super easy, flawless coverage.

Eyes: A Fall-Inspired Palette

Play around with the colors you see in nature – think dark plums, forest green, and charcoal grays, suggests Nasrat.

“Grey, aubergine, cranberry, and violet metallic shadows are like wearing jewelry on the eyes and look gorgeous with a fall vampy lip,” Nasrat told InStyle.

If you’re feeling really brave, try out the runway trend that’s making heads turn – red eyeshadow.

“From the runways to the red carpet, unexpected shades like cranberry, magenta, and burgundy keep popping up,” report the editors of Glamour.

Make the trend wearable by pairing “a cool shade like burgundy or cranberry” with a nude lip palette, suggests makeup artist Hung Vanngo.

Celebs who aren’t afraid of a little drama, like Kristen Stewart and JLo, have been rocking coppery eyeshadows with dark lipstick shades on the red carpet. Think oxblood and berry-tinted reds to anchor all that shimmery, copper-gold powder.

Lips: Vamp It Up

Brad and Angelina might have called it quits, but the ‘90s are totally back in style.

The dark, vampy look from The Craft is front-and-center on the runways, while the terra cotta browns from Friends and My So Called Life are making a surprising comeback.

Get ready for fall shades from “vampy burgundies to super-flattering reds to mood-lifting pinks,” writes Alyssa Hertzig at Refinery29, because they’re going to be “everywhere this season.”

Retire your lip gloss and get ready for this season’s hottest super-defined, matte looks:

Gothic Power Lips

Embrace your inner Winona Ryder with this season’s dark cherry blacks and – yes – even pitch black matte lipstick.

“I’m absolutely loving the richer lip colors trending for fall,” makeup artist Gita Bass told Bustle.

“We’re seeing deeper plums, matte reds, burgundies, ’90s brick shades and what I like to call, ‘gothic power’ lips.”

Anyone else imagining a witch in a power suit? (Witches get stuff done.)

Berry Bliss

If that’s a little too much drama, try the next shade up from the darkest you’re willing to go.

A matte burgundy goes a long way toward achieving the “don’t-mess-with-me, I’ll-kick-your-ass look,” makeup artist James Kaliardos told Harper’s Bazaar.

Like Bass mentioned above, this season’s runway trends leaned toward deep plums and purple-reds, oxblood red, and maroon.

These deep berry stains give your look a lot of oomph, so go on and experiment with your dark side.

From our catalog: Power up with our Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in Currant, Hyacinths, or Blood Orange. If you’re feeling bold, embrace the vibrant pop of color from Marrakech or Tempest to make a major fashion statement.

This is an ultra-matte, opaque, long-wearing lipstick that ensures your lip color always looks vibrant, rich, and full. Formulated with healthy fruit pigments and a nourishing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E.

Peach Perfect

Not quite ready to give up summer? Try this Beyoncé-inspired red carpet look: peach lipstick with the slightest shimmer, suggests Jose Rivera of Benefit Cosmetics.

“Shows such as Balmain, Mugler, and Prabal Gurung all showcased peach personified, and a quintessential nude lip in peach has been a hallmark of many red carpet appearances this season, including Queen Bey herself,” Rivera told Bustle.

We are yours to command, Bey.

From our catalog: Swipe on Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in Prickly Pear and strike a power pose.

Nearly Nude

Nudes never go out of style, but this season celebs are using them to make major statements.

But why is finding the right shade so darn difficult? “Not all nude lipsticks are created equal,” cautions Kira Nasrat at Refinery29.

Follow Nasrat’s advice to find the best shade for your skin tone.

From our catalog: If you have darker skin, try our Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in Sandstone for a rich neutral.

Red Carpet Glam

A classic red lip never goes out of style. (Thank goodness, they’re still a hot ticket for fall.)

Help your red lip transition from a cheerful, summery cherry red to a darker, more serious shade, suggests Ivy Boyd at More.

Going matte helps, too.

“Matte textures always feel a bit more autumnal,” writes Boyd, “so even blotting your usual color lipstick to be a more matte finish will do the trick.”

From our catalog: Get Hollywood on the phone with our Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in Cactus Bloom or Sonora.

Throw It Back to the 90s

If you missed this trend the first time around, just watch a few reruns of Friends to get the idea. (Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel was almost always rocking brown lips.)

Bring the tend into the 2000s with warm terra-cotta, taupe, and chocolate brown, suggest the experts at Total Beauty. It might even replace your fave red shade.

“Brown has so many more undertones [than red] and can actually read warm and sophisticated on lips,” makeup artist Mickey Williams told Total Beauty.

“Look for matte formulas that have some texture to them rather than dry stains to keep lips looking fresh.”

Bonus: you can walk into Central Perk the next time you’re in NYC and fit right in.

Put your best fall face forward with gorgeous, hydrated skin and the boldest lip you can find. With so many rich, matte shades on the runways this year, you can change your look as fast as you change your lipstick.

Which fall lip trend are you most excited about? Tell us which shade you can’t wait to add to your makeup bag in the comments below :

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