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100% Pureā€™s New OMBRE Nail Polish

There is always so much anticipation and excitement surroundingĀ our Product Launches. Once products are developed, all the fun begins! We talk launch dates, blogger reviews, Social Media posts, Tweets, Retweets..and our favorite ā€“ Instagram! We love playing around with our entire line, especially theĀ Ombre Nail Polishes ā€“ we played with the samples, created many a #weekendgiveawayĀ with pretty much every color from the collection!! But thereā€™s something to be said about brand new products and being able to play and test them out! Some of the girls went out last night and get their #nailsdid with the 100% Pure OMBRE nail polish and theyā€™re fabulous! Totally jelly.

We love this collection so much and the timing couldnā€™t be better for the Fall Season ā€“ I mean, how fitting are these colors for Fall? Obsessed! Oh and bonus, didĀ you know that 100% Pure Nail Polishes areĀ ā€œ10 freeā€?

Oh and hey bloggers, did we mention? We are launching products a whole new way now. Check out Cherylā€˜s post about our new line of Ombre Nail Polishes below on her blog, or her Instagram!!

How about you guys?Ā Ā What are some of your favorite nail polish colors for the fall? Leave a comment below to Tweet us, weā€™d love to hear from you!!

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