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What is the healthiest mascara?

Mascara 101: How to Choose and Use Mascara

Posted on February 16, 2017
Posted by: 100% PURE®
Maracuja Mascara

100% PURE® produces two of the most amazing mascaras that not only lengthen and thicken, but also strengthen and condition! These Fruit Pigmented Mascara formulas are made with only the purest natural ingredients to effectively and effortlessly accentuate your eyes. Read on to discover the difference between our two mascaras and what makes these beauty bestsellers so special.

If you’re new to our products, welcome! You should know that everything we make is 100% natural, with no synthetic chemicals or any harmful toxins. We’re here to educate on the dangers of mainstream cosmetics, while providing PURE personal care solutions. Our mission: to change lives--one healthy product at a time.

We are also 100% cruelty-free from source to shelf. Animal lives matter; we are their voice! Make sure you always choose cruelty-free products--including mascara! Mascaras are one of the most common beauty products tested on animals (often on the eyes of poor bunnies). Please do not support the animal cruelty industry. At 100% PURE®, we have wellness in mind--for people AND animals, always!

Let me take a moment to express how excited I am to be sharing about our mascaras with you! As a previous health food store Buyer, (and organic enthusiast for over a decade), let’s just say I’ve tried my fair share of natural mascaras. With sensitive skin and super strict standards for the healthiest ingredients, I have always demanded the best from the world of natural products. Five years ago I discovered 100% PURE®...and have been obsessed ever since! One of my all time fave products EVER is our incredible, lash-loving mascara. I first fell in love with our original many years ago, but now go back and forth between both of our amazing mascara formulas. This is one of my must-have products. If I was ever restricted to using JUST THREE of our cosmetics, you bet this would make the cut! I love how the mascaras lengthen my lashes and accentuate my eyes. They last all day, condition my lashes and never make them crispy or clumpy. The formulas smell great, feel great (even for sensitive eyes) and wear even greater. After many years of searching and now after many years of wearing, I could not ask for a better mascara--I have found my lifetime lash friend!

Awesome, right? Now let’s get to learning about those two PURE mascaras!

Meet our original. Our classic. Our first love. Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening are worth all 5 stars and then some! In four gorgeous shades (Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Blackberry or Blueberry), get set to stun in this water-resistant, smudge-proof, flake-free, vegetarian formula. These mascaras get their coloring (and delicious scents) from real fruit, cocoa and tea pigments. All our shades are made with a base of micronized Black Tea. For other shades, such as Blueberry, we simply add in pigments from real blueberry skin to create a beautiful, fun, subtle color that looks very natural. No artificial dyes here!

One thing that sets our mascaras apart from most others on the market is that they actually condition your lashes all day as you wear them. So, not only do you get the obvious benefit of beautifying your eyes, but over time, your lashes are actually getting healthier! In this formula, lashes are nourished with Organic Green Tea and Vitamin E. This is our most lengthening mascara. The brush is narrower and straighter, in comparison to our Maracuja brush. Its wand effortlessly reaches each eyelash: separating, defining and adding length and dimension to the lashes.

Both of our mascaras are safe for sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers. They are long lasting, non-clumping and water-resistant. And no tugging is necessary when removing our mascaras, since they easily come off with any of our PURE facial cleansers. No specific eye makeup remover needed! Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body; while it’s important to use healthy products in general, it’s especially critical to ensure the ingredients you put near your eyes are the purest! And always remember to swap out ANY mascara at least every three months. This prevents bacteria from growing and keeps your eyes healthy and happy.

One of nearly 700 reviews on our Ultra Lengthening Mascara states: “Not only is it vegetarian, cruelty-free and is lengthening, flake-free, easy to remove and long lasting.” Thanks, Louisa! We also love Lauren’s words: “This mascara is the best out of any other I have ever used. My lashes look huge and full (which they are not) and you get the added bonus of smelling like fruit!” Thank you for sharing! We are so happy that you and thousands of others enjoy our mascaras so much!

One phenomenal mascara is amazing enough, but wait, there’s more! Next, meet the second formula: our magical Maracuja Mascara! This product comes in three beautiful hues: Black Tea, Dark Chocolate or Blackberry. It is completely vegan, gluten free and just as nourishing and effective as our original! You asked; we listened! We came out with this second formula for those that are sensitive to allergens like gluten or are vegan.

This mascara gets its name from the Maracuja Oil extracted from Passion Fruit Seeds. The exotic, antioxidant-rich oil is naturally moisturizing yet lightweight. Our Maracuja Mascara lengthens like our other mascara, while its main goal is to add volume to lashes. It holds curl, defines, thickens and builds dimension to create dramatic, voluminous lashes. Nourishing vitamins and antioxidants keep your eyelashes lush, conditioned and healthy every time you wear it.

Want to add even MORE volume to your lashes? Check out this mascara PRO TIP from 100% PURE® Founder, Susie Wang! “Brush Bamboo Blur Powder all over your face, including over your lashes, prior to mascara application. Since this powder is made from bamboo silica, and silica is the number one thing that grows stronger hair, it is actually beneficial for your lashes! In addition, applying the powder first can add staying power for your mascara while giving your lashes even more volume!”

We are proud to offer the gluten free, vegan formula of our Maracuja Mascara. Susie loves our mascaras, just like so many of you! On our website, one reviewer raved: “It works as well as the chemical-laden stuff I used to wear before I got myself and my home ‘clean’. Thank you for this long lasting, lengthening, thickening formula!” Thank YOU, Sandra! We commend you for choosing clean beauty! Crystal agrees: “I have tried so many vegan products that I was not a fan of...but this, AMAZING! Lengthens my lashes and makes them dark as night. Soapy water [easily removes]. Mind changed!” We appreciate your product praise and support of healthy cosmetics!

Clean beauty is really important...and it is why we have dedicated ourselves to this business. We want everyone to be able to use the best quality, high-performing, healthiest products for all their beauty needs--without subjecting themselves to the harmful chemicals in conventional cosmetics. In mainstream mascara alone, the ingredients are cheap to produce and terrifyingly toxic.

Many of our customers have requested that we make a waterproof mascara. Our formulas are amazingly sweat-proof, smudge-proof and water resistant, however, we refuse to make a completely waterproof mascara because the only current way to do this is with polymers and petrochemicals. We are so dedicated to using only the most natural ingredients that we won’t make a product unless we can find a healthy way to do so. Read below for just SOME of our reasons why!

Common, crazy chemicals mascara companies use (and we refuse!):

Parabens - These are preservatives found in foods, beverages, packaging and more. They are also in 85% of personal care products, according to the American Chemical Society. The EPA has concluded that parabens artificially mimic estrogens in the body, leading to a host of problems--including various disorders and cancers. Learn more about parabens and why they’re dangerous on our blog.

Aluminum Powder - This is a neurotoxin that is said to be worse than mercury, as it can “interfere with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and other tissues”. (EWG) What’s scary, too, is that cumulative aluminum powder exposure can hinder the body’s ability to eliminate mercury. Yikes!

Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A Acetate) - Can cause biochemical or cellular level changes, causing toxicity and potentially mutating genes.

Propylene Glycol - Causes severe skin irritation and sensitization. May cause allergic contact dermatitis.

Formaldehyde - Known carcinogen. Skin irritant that causes severe allergic reactions.

Synthetic Dyes - Artificial colorants believed to be toxic and carcinogenic. Labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and number, i.e. FD&C Red 40.

Coal Tar - Known carcinogen. Causes severe allergic reactions and is linked to several diseases and disorders.

Imidazolidinyl Urea - Acts as a formaldehyde releaser. Also triggers severe immune system response.

Thimerosal - Mercury-based element that may cause skin irritation, allergic reactions and neurotoxicity.

...And sadly, many more...

That’s the bad news. But the good news is that you’ve just read the bad news, so now you are informed. If you haven’t already, PLEASE make the switch to clean beauty. Your health is worth it! And there’s really no excuse anymore, now that so many wonderful natural alternatives exist. Please, do not give toxic cosmetic companies any more of your money. You are paying for disease.

We are here to help you in your PURE journey. One step, one product, or one piece of knowledge at a time. If you found this helpful, please share with all the women in your life. Mascara is one of the most widely used makeup products. But unless it’s a healthy mascara like our fruit pigmented formulas, the wearer is being exposed to harsh, damaging chemicals. Take a stand for yourself and the health of all cosmetic lovers--join our #nodirtybeauty movement!

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